Lukáš Franěk


Personal info

Name Lukáš Franěk
Date & place of birth 5.7.1985, Třebíč
State Czech Republic
Nationality Czech
Marital status Single


2000 – 2003 High School SPST-SOUTTechnical & Electrical engineering, Třebíč


Czech Native
English Active, including IT English


2006 Praxes in chosen company "Tajfun" for retraining in web aplication technologies such as PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML and CSS for 8 months.
2006/06–2008/03 Programmer, Webmaster in Internet Provider and maker of Software solutions, Web catalogues and sites Digital Action
2008/04 – 2012/05 Webmaster and JavaScript developer in
2012/05 – 2014/01 JavaScript developer in
2014/01 – 2017/02 Team Leader / HTML5 Game Developer in Apollo Games
2017/02 – ? Freelancer / Full Stack Developer


Operating systems All Microsoft - advanced administration
GNU/Linux Debian, Ubuntu - advance level
MAC OS/FreeBSD - advance level Other Unices - user level
Development tools SVN, Git
Graphics, Design Adobe Photoshop, GIMP
Interpreted languages PHP, JavaScript, Python, Objective-C, Swift, LUA
Databases MySQL
Web technologies XHTML, HTML5, CSS 2/3, HTML DOM, AJAX, JSON, SVG/DOM
XML technologies XML, DTD, XSL, XPath, RSS


JAK Framework Complex JS-based application framework, featuring DOM manipulation, AJAX, animations, FastRPC, lots of widgets, … Popular czech servis
Canvas particles Particle Emitter writen in Javascript for HTML5 canvas API.
HTML5 & games Lecture about making games in HTML5 technologies with many examples.